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12 TEAMS - 22 WEEKS - 132 GAMES


Reduce or end the poaching of wildlife

in existing and surrounding wildlife parks.


" For young people will have a healthy occupation, just as the value of the prize will in a way help them solve some of their problems. "

Why the Rhino Cup League?

Rhino Cup Champions League 2018 Logo

Rhino Cup Champions League 2018 Logo

The Rhino Cup Champions League  was officially established in 2018 to help eliminate the practice of rhino poaching by the young men of the communities surrounding national & private game reserves . Young men are recruited by organized crime syndicates to risk their lives and freedom to kill rhinos. Rhino horns are illegally shipped to Asia for the rich elite to impress each other with exotic wild animal parts for decoration, gifts, consumption, and ancient medicinal beliefs.  

The RCCL provides young men a healthy and positive activity and opportunity in a place where few opportunities exist.  

In 2016, Wild and Free Foundation went to Sabie/Corumana, Mozambique to meet with community leaders about the rhino poaching challenge.  The community had two main problems with rhino poaching - many young men in the community were being killed and arrested while attempting to poach rhinos, and the organized crime element that runs rhino poaching was corrupting the community with drugs, weapons, prostitution and crime. 

Wild and Free Foundation asked, "How can we help?". 

The community suggested we start an organized soccer league for young men to include 12 teams from nine surrounding communities. It was decided that a league committee would be formed, and a proper season played, and on April 14, 2018, we officially kicked-off the inaugural season of the Rhino Cup Champions League.

RCCL Brand Update

Rhino Cup Champions League 2019 Logo

Rhino Cup Champions League 2019 Logo

In early 2019, Wild & Free Foundation and the committee of the Rhino Cup Champions League, decided to give the RCCL brand a small update. 

Together we recognized the colorful and spirited people of the Rhino Cup Champions League, and they deserved an improved look to the RCCL Logo. 

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